The Original Hopper Popper

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Looking for the Preferred Meat Rabbit Dispatch Tool...

The Hopper Popper is the Best method for a Fast, Humane and Quiet way to Dispatch of a meat rabbit. The Short family have developed and sold The Hopper Popper to satisfied customers since 2013. The company has set themselves apart from their competitors in top notch Customer Service and FAST delivery of their products throughout the United States.

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Dale and Patti Short run a professional family welding business. They are members of the Facebook group Backyard Meat Rabbits and they are good people that you can trust. They saw the need by Backyard Meat Rabbits members in 2013 to have a good product for dispatching rabbits humanly and developed the original Hopper Popper. When you send them your hard earned money, for a product Made in America you’re going to get it. Read More...


  • Hopper Popper used for rabbit dispatching

    Eddie from Food for Thought discusses the 3 methods that he has personally used and gives his opinion on each method. Ultimately, Eddie chooses the Hopper Popper tool set over alternatives because the killing of the rabbit is clean, instant and humane.

    - Review from Eddie

  • You have an awesome product! I’m a novice at processing rabbits and I was able to dispatch, clean and bag 8 fryers in less than 2 hours with no added stress to the animals. Thank you for truly living up to your advertising and I will tell everyone I know how great the “Hopper Popper/Hanger” are to a little farm homesteaders!

    - Review from Justin Anderton

  • hopper popper on cinder block

    I love this thing! I can take it with me to butcher my friends’ animals. I can move it around to suit my own needs. It is so quick and stress free. I no longer dread harvest days.

    - Review from April Hensley

  • Hopper Popper Installation
    I was on the search for a product that would humanely dispatch rabbits, chickens and quail. Honestly, I did not expect one product to complete all these tasks and still manage to be the top of the line superior product in the industry. Low and behold, I found my hearts desire in the Hopper Popper product and I was not disappointed in the least. Thanks Hopper Popper Team!

    - Review from Roxanna Dabney – Still Waters Rabbitry

  • Hopper Popper Products

    We use the Hopper Popper. Works great. No mess, clean kill and quiet.

    - Review from Louis Edwards